A Comparative Study of Dental Caries Prevalence in 12- Year-old Girl Students in Isfahan and Kashan, Two Cities of Iran

Vajihesadat Mortazavi, Nasrolah Bashardoost, Faranak Falahie


This study detennined and compared the caries prevalence and plaque index in 12-year-old girl students living in Isfahan and Kashan, two cities of Iran. In addition, correlation between plaque index (PI) and DMFf index was investigated.

Methods and Materials
One hundred and ninety five 12-year-old junior high school girl students were selected in each city by multistage sampling method. Caries prevalence was determined according t WHO criteria method. Plaque index was also recorded. The results were statistically analyzed with
Student's -t-test and Pearson's correla- tion coefficient test.

Means :f:SD of DMFf, DT, MT, FT Indices and PI were 4.44±2.38, 3.68±2.4, 0.031±0.173, 0.718±l.391 and 0.757±0.137 in Isfahan and 3,88±2.40, 3.71±2.38. 0.15±0.123, 0.154±0.663 and 0. 805±0.129 in Kashan respectively. The DMFf and Ff indices in Isfahan were significantly higher (p<0.05). There was no statistically significant difference inDT index gl\d MT index between the participants in two cities (p>O.O5). A signif-icant correlation was found between DMFf index and PI and also between DT index and PI (p

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