Comparative study of 0.2% and 0.12% digluconate chlorhexidine mouth rinses on the level of dental staining and gingival indices

Mohammad Hassan Najafi, Morteza Taheri, Majid Reza Mokhtari, Ali Forouzanfar, Fateme Farazi, Mona Mirzaee, Zahra Ebrahiminik, Reza Mehrara


Background: Chlorhexidine (CHX) as a gold standard chemical agent appears to be the most
effective antimicrobial agent for reduction of both plaque and gingivitis. The aim of this study was to
compare the efficacy of two concentrations of digluconate chlorhexidine (CHX) solutions (0.12%
and 0.20%) on gingival indices and the level of dental staining during 14 days.
Materials and Methods: in this double-blind controlled clinical trial study 60 patients with
moderate to severe gingivitis aged 17–56 years were randomly selected and divided to three
groups: Group I (placebo) Group II (0.12% CHX), and Group III (0.2% CHX). Patients rinsed their
mouthwashes twice a day after brushing. Before the examination and after 14 days plaque index,
gingival index, bleeding index, and stain index were evaluated. The data were analyzed by “Mann–
Whitney” test and P value was 0.05.
Results: the results showed that plaque index and gingival index significantly reduced in Groups II
and III in comparison with the placebo group (P < 0.0001). However, the two concentrations did not
differ significantly from each other (P = 0.552). Same results were observed in term of gingival bleeding
index with this different that 0.2% CHX was significantly more efficient than 0.12% CHX (P < 0.0001).
CHX mouthrinse, both concentrations, significantly increased the dental staining level (intensity and
area) in comparison with the placebo group. Remarkable difference also was seen between 2 CHX
concentrations so that the 0.2% CHX caused much more staining on the teeth than 0.12% CHX.
Conclusion: based on the results of this study we can conclude that the lower concentrations
of CHX should be prescribed, decreasing side effects, since higher concentrations do not seem to
be more effective in controlling dental plaque and gingivitis.
Key Words: chlorhexidine, periodontal index, staining

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