Aggressive osteoblastoma of the mandible: A diagnostic dilemma

Harshaminder Kaur, Sonika Verma, Manveen K. Jawanda, Atul Sharma


The clinical facts and radiologic findings are very important in the diagnostic evaluation of jaw
swellings, and must be considered along with histologic findings. Osteoblastoma, an uncommon
primary lesion of the bone that occasionally arises in the jaws, is one such lesion causing a localized
jaw swelling. Clinically, osteoblastoma can be symptomatic or even remain symptom-free, and may
be diagnosed only on routine radiographic examination. Histologically and clinically, differential
diagnosis for osteoblastoma ranges from a variety of benign and malignant tumors that poses a
diagnostic dilemma. Stressing the importance of the correct diagnosis of such lesions, this report
discusses a case of aggressive osteoblastoma of the mandible posing as a diagnostic dilemma.
Key Words: aggressive, mandible, osteoblastoma

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