Systemic antibiotic therapy in periodontics

Anoop Kapoor, Ranjan Malhotra, Vishakha Grover, Deepak Grover


Systemic antibiotics in conjunction with scaling and root planing (SRP), can offer an additional benefi t over SRP alone in the treatment of periodontitis, in terms of clinical attachment loss (CAL) and pocket depth change, and reduced risk of additional CAL loss. However, antibiotics are not innocuous drugs. Their use should be justifi ed on the basis of a clearly established need and should not be substituted for adequate local treatment. The aim of this review is to discuss the rationale, proper selection, dosage and duration for antibiotic therapy so as to optimize the usefulness of drug therapy.

Key Words: Periodontics, periodontitis, scaling and root planing, systemic antibiotic therapy

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