Mandibular intraosseous schwannoma in a child: Report of a rare case

Neda Kargahi, Seyed Mahammad Razavi, Darioush Hasheminia, Forouz Keshani, Mehran Safaei, Zahra Hashemzadeh


Intraosseous schwannomas is a very rare neoplasm, and less than 50 cases have been reported in the medical literature. In this article, the clinical, radiographic and histopathologic appearances of a rare case of intraosseous schwannomas are presented. The importance of this case is that other benign central lesions such as odontogenic tumors and cysts might be included in differential diagnosis. This case was recognized in a 9‑year‑old child, which is a very rare occurrence. The diagnosis was confirmed by immunohistochemical staining with S100 protein.

Key Words: Immunohistochemistry, intraosseous schwannoma, mandible, S100 protein

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