Restoration of incisor area using one‑piece implants: Evaluation of crestal bone resorption

Francesco Carinci


Background: One‑piece implants (OPIs) incorporate the trans‑mucosal abutment facing the soft tissues as an integral part of the implant. Since OPIs become more and more popular and no report specifically focuses on OPIs inserted in incisors’ area, a retrospective study is performed.

Materials and Methods: Fifty‑five OPIs were inserted in incisors’ area in a series of patients admitted at the Dental Clinic, University of Chieti (Italy), for evaluation and implant treatment between January and December 2010.

Results: In our study, the survival rate and success rate were 96.2% and 96.1%, respectively. Statistical analysis demonstrated that no studied variable had an impact on the survival (i.e., lost implants) and clinical success (i.e., crestal bone resorption).

Conclusions: OPIs are reliable devices for oral rehabilitation in the incisors’ area.

Key Words: Fixture, immediate loading, one‑piece, welding

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