A case of mandible osteonecrosis after a severe periimplant infection

Francesco Grecchi, Ilaria Zollino, Valentina Candotto, Francesco Gallo, Giuseppe Rubino, Sara Giglio, Raffaella Bianco, Francesco Carinci


The term osteonecrosis has been applied to describe the presence of a persistent inflammation of the mouth, osteomyelitis, delayed healing of extraction sockets, development of sequestra or presence of fistulae from the mouth to the lower skin. Here, we document a case of mandible osteonecrosis that developed in a patient after a severe periimplant infection. Osteonecrosis, severe inflammatory osteolysis, and heavy bacterial colonization were found. Surgical toilette and hyperbaric oxygen therapy permitted complete healing of the case. No complication was recorded in the post‑operative period and no further surgery was performed. The clinical follow up and the imaging after one year showed a complete ‘restitution ad integrum’ of the mandible. Although the risk of developing osteonecrosis of the jaw for oral implants is low, the devastating complications still require caution.

Key Words: Hyperbaric oxygen therapy, jaw osteonecrosis, periimplant infection, surgical toilette

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