Dentinoameloblastoma with ghost cells: A rare case report with emphasis on its biological behavior

Kiran Kumar, Devi Charan Shetty, Vijay Wadhwan, Raghu Dhanapal, Harkanwal Preet Singh


Ameloblastomas are regarded as a homogeneous group of neoplasms with locally invasive character. They generally do not show induction of dental hard tissue formation except in few cases. Biological behavior and histogenesis of these tumors is still unexplored as there is lack of relevant studies and long follow-up of these patients. So, we aimed to report this rare case of dentinoameloblastoma with unique presence of ghost cells in middle-aged female involving maxilla with emphasis on its biological behavior. We conclude that although histogenesis of this tumor is not clear but biological potential is similar to conventional ameloblastoma requiring wider excision.

Key Words: Ameloblastoma, biological potential, dentinoid, ghost cells

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