Central cementifying fibroma of maxilla

Mahnaz Sheikhi, Farzaneh Mosavat, Faranak Jalalian, Roghayeh Rashidipoor


Central cementifying fibroma is a bony tumor, which is believed to be derived from the cells of the periodontal ligament. Central cemento‑ossifying fibroma behaves like, a benign bone neoplasm. This bone tumor consists of highly cellular, fibrous tissue that contains varying amounts of calcified tissue resembling bone, cementum, or both. Central cemento‑ossifying fibromas of the mandible are common; however, they are rare in the maxilla region. This tumor is most frequent between 35 and 40 years of ages. In this report we have described a 37‑year‑old male with cemento‑ossifying fibroma of the maxilla region with the mass that had been appeared 2-3 months prior to his first referral. Radiologic imaging such as intra‑oral, panoramic, and Cone Beam CT had been performed. Histological analysis was done and finally diagnosis of central cementifying fibroma was made. The postoperative follow up at 12 months revealed no recurrence.

Key Words: Central cementifying fibroma, fibro‑osseous lesions, ossifying fibroma, radiology

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