Stem cells: Boon to dentistry and medicine

P.S. Shilpa, Rachna Kaul, Nishat Sultana, Suraksha Bhat


Stem cell research has received considerable attention since the discovery that adult stem cells havethe capacity to form many different tissue types. Stem cells are a booming field for the researchand have been extensively studied in the field of medicine, as well as dentistry. Their applicationin oncology has been a boon to many of the patients. Dental stem cells have been novel approachto treat diseases like periodontitis, dental caries and many more. Their potential uses in dentistryhave provided a new generation of treatments for dental diseases and stem cells have become thefocus in dental research. This review highlights about the biology, sources and potential applicationsof stem cells in dentistry with emphasis on a dentist’s role in enabling both medical and dentalapplications using stem cells from teeth.

Key Words:Adult stem cells, dental pulp, embryonic stem cells, stem cells

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