Laterally positioned flap‑revised technique along with platelet richfibrin in the management of Miller class II gingival recession

Jagmohan Singh, Vipin Bharti


Gingival recession is a complex phenomenon that may present numerous therapeutic challenges to the clinician. The laterally positioned flap is commonly used to cover isolated, denuded roots that have adequate donor tissue laterally and vestibular depth. Various modifications in laterally sliding flap have been proposed in order to avoid the reported undesirable resultson the donor teeth. Recently, use of growth factors has been proposed in combination withsurgical techniques. This article highlights the use of laterally positioned pedicle flap‑revisedtechnique as a modification of laterally sliding flap technique along with autologous suspensionof growth factors, platelet rich fibrin membrane (PRF) for the management of localized Millerclass‑II gingival recession. After 6 months of follow‑up, the clinical condition was stable with80% root coverage and satisfactory gingival tissue healing at both donor and recipient site withno signs of inflammation. An excellent esthetical outcome was achieved and the patient wassatisfied with case resolution.

Key Words:Pedicled flap, platelet rich fibrin, recession, regeneration

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