Clinico-pathological study of odontomas in 19 Libyan patients

Mohamed S. H. Ingafou, Ali M Elmurtadi


Background: Odontomas are among the most common benign odontogenic tumors, which are

mostly discovered in the first and second decades of life with no clear sex predilection.

Materials and Methods: The present retrospective study reviews the clinical, radiological, and

the histopathological characteristics of odontomas in 19 Libyan patients seen during the last 18

years in our department.

Results: Most odontomas in our study were discovered when they obstruct a tooth from an

eruption at its normal eruption time although a few cases were noticed on routine radiological

examination of the region. Panoramic radiographs computed Tomography Scan of the area and

the histopathological examination are helpful to elicit the diagnosis. Two cases in this series were

found associating with dentigerous cyst and in another two cases the odontomas were seen

erupting intraorally.

Conclusion: Odontomas should be considered in the differential diagnosis of the mixed

radioopaque radiolucent lesions, especially if they found obstructing the teeth from eruption.

Key Words: Benign tumors, clinical study, Libyan patients, odontomas

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