An unusual triad: Bilateral dilated odontoma, hypodontia and peg laterals

Alphy Alphonsa Sebastian, Auswaf Ahsan, Ahkin John George, John Aby


The dilated odontoma is an infrequent developmental alteration that appears in any area of the

dental arches and can affect deciduous, permanent and supernumerary tooth. Dens invaginatus

is a developmental anomaly resulting from invagination of a portion of crown forming within the

enamel organ during odontogenesis. The most extreme form of dens invaginatus is known as

dilated odontoma.

The aim of this case report is to present a rare case of bilateral dilated odontoma affecting a

microdontic permanent lateral incisor in a 30 year old female patient with hypodontia and peglateral

teeth with its clinical, radiological and histological features, which has yet been not reported. Bilateral

presence of dilated odontoma is not a common occurrence, although a single tooth involvement

in each case has been reported in the literature.

Key Words: Dens invaginatus, dilated odontoma, hypodontia, lateral incisors

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