A practicable approach for periodontal classification

Vishnu Mittal, Bhullar Raman Preet K, Bansal Rachita, Singh Karanprakash, Bhalodi Anand, Khinda Paramjit K


The Diagnosis and classification of periodontal diseases has remained a dilemma since long. Two

distinct concepts have been used to define diseases: Essentialism and Nominalism. Essentialistic

concept implies the real existence of disease whereas; nominalistic concept states that the names

of diseases are the convenient way of stating concisely the endpoint of a diagnostic process. It

generally advances from assessment of symptoms and signs toward knowledge of causation and

gives a feasible option to name the disease for which etiology is either unknown or it is too complex

to access in routine clinical practice. Various classifications have been proposed by the American

Academy of Periodontology (AAP) in 1986, 1989 and 1999. The AAP 1999 classification is among the

most widely used classification. But this classification also has demerits which provide impediment

for its use in day to day practice. Hence a classification and diagnostic system is required which can

help the clinician to access the patient’s need and provide a suitable treatment which is in harmony

with the diagnosis for that particular case. Here is an attempt to propose a practicable classification

and diagnostic system of periodontal diseases for better treatment outcome.

Key Words:Classification, periodontal disease, practicable classification

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