Genetic alterations in syndromes with oral manifestations

Krishnamurthy Anuthama, Harikrishnan Prasad, Pratibha Ramani, Priya Premkumar, Anuja Natesan, Herald J. Sherlin


Ever since Gregor Johan Mendel proposed the law of inheritance, genetics has transcended the

field of health and has entered all walks of life in its application. Thus, the gene is the pivoting factor

for all happenings revolving around it. Knowledge of gene mapping in various diseases would be a

valuable tool in prenatally diagnosing the condition and averting the future disability and stigma for

the posterity. This article includes an array of genetically determined conditions in patients seen at

our college out-patient department with complete manifestation, partial manifestation and array

of manifestations not fitting into a particular syndrome.

Key Words:Down’s syndrome, marfan’s syndrome, Rothmund Thomson syndrome

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