Treatment of severe rotations of maxillary central incisors with whip appliance: Report of three cases

Iman Parisay, Marzie Boskabady, Mojtaba Abdollahi, Mostafa Sufiani


The routine treatment for rotated maxillary incisor is a fi xed appliance, but in some instance the

use of this method is impossible. In addition, in only limited cases of rotation, removable appliance is

applicable. In this study, the use of a semi-removable appliance is presented, which has some benefi ts

over the other methods. In this study, the corrections of about 70 -90° rotation of the maxillary

central incisors in different phases of mixed dentition were performed in three patients using

whip appliance. This method was performed using a simple removable appliance such as Hawley

appliance and whip spring that forced the couple to derotate the tooth. In all cases, treatment

was successfully completed in relative short duration. Whip appliance can be recommended as an

effective method to correct rotation of maxillary incisor in mixed dentition with several advantages

like rapid correction.

Key Words: Maxillary incisor, tooth rotation, whip appliance

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