Therapeutic potential of dental pulp stem cells in regenerative medicine:An overview

Kavita Verma, Rhythm Bains, Vivek Kumar Bains, Manjusha Rawtiya, Kapil Loomba, Shrish Charan Srivastava


The purpose of this review is to gain an overview of the applications of the dental pulp stem cells (DPSCs) in the treatment of various medical diseases. Stem cells have the capacity to differentiate and regenerate into various tissues. DPSCs are the adult   stem cells that reside in the cell rich zone of the dental pulp. These are the multipotent cells that can be explained by their embryonic origin from the neural crest. Owing to this multipotency, these DPSCs can be used in both dental and medical applications. A review of literature has been performed using electronic and hand-searching methods for the medical applications of DPSCs. On the basis of the available information, DPSCs appear to be a promising alternative for the regeneration of tissues and treatment of various diseases, although, long-term clinical trials and studies are
needed to confi rm their effi cacy.
Key Words: Alzheimer’s disease, dental pulp stem cells, myocardial infarction, neurogenic differentiation, tissue differentiation

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