Evaluation of effi cacy of a bioresorbable membrane in the treatment of oral lichen planus

Anoop Kapoor, Poonam Sikri, Vishakha Grover, Ranjan Malhotra, Sonia Sachdeva


Background: Gingival involvement is commonly seen in lichen planus, a chronic mucocutaneous
infl ammatory condition of the stratifi ed squamous epithelia. It is often painful and may undergo
malignant transformation and thus warrants early diagnosis and prompt treatment. The aim of this
study is to evaluate the use of a bioresorbable membrane (Polyglactin 910) in the management of
erosive lichen planus of gingiva.
Materials and Methods: A split-mouth randomized controlled trial was carried out. Fifteen
patients with identical bilateral lesions of lichen planus on gingiva were included in the study. Three
parameters were selected for the clinical assessment of gingival lesions: Surface texture, color, and
burning sensation. After complete oral prophylaxis, an excisional biopsy procedure was carried out
for lesions on both sides, but on the experimental side, the biopsy procedure was combined with
placement of the bioresorbable membrane. The statistical signifi cance of intergroup differences
in measurements was tested by using an independent sample t-test. A two-tailed P-value less than
0.05 was considered as statistically signifi cant.
Results: Intragroup comparisons revealed a statistically signifi cant difference between mean value
of grades at 6, 12, and 24 weeks in both groups for the surface texture, color, and burning sensation
of gingiva, respectively. For intergroup comparison of change in surface texture, color, and burning
sensation of gingiva between group A and group B, differences were statistically nonsignifi cant.
Conclusion: Surgical management of the lesion accomplished signifi cant improvement of lesion
with no signifi cant additional clinical benefi ts with the application of bioresorbable membrane.
Worsening of baseline scores was not observed in any case at the end of the study.
Key Words: Bioresorbable membrane, excisional biopsy, gingiva, lichen planus

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