Pleomorphic adenoma of submandibular gland: A case report with review of literature

Preeti Patil, Krishna Burde, Venkatesh G. Naikmasur, Amit Thorawat


Neoplasms that arise in the salivary glands are relatively rare, yet they represent a wide
variety of both benign and malignant histologic subtypes. Approximately 70% of the salivary
gland tumors affect parotid gland with the submandibular gland being affected in 5-10% of
the cases, sublingual gland in 1% and minor glands in 5-15% of the cases. Submandibular gland
tumors are relatively rare and very few studies have been reported in the literature that is
exclusively conducted on tumors affecting submandibular gland. In this paper, we describe
a case of pleomorphic adenoma affecting submandibular gland with brief review of current
literature on submandibular gland tumors.
Key Words: Pleomorphic adenoma, salivary gland tumors, submandibular gland

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