Emdogain effect on gingival fi broblast adhesion in bioabsorbable and non-resorbable barrier membranes: An in vitro study

Mehrdad Barekatain, Morvarid Mafi, Shirin Amini, Shirin Zahra Farhad


Background: Tissue engineering represents very exciting advances in regenerative medicine;
however, periodontal literature only contains few reports. Emdogain (EMD) consists of functional
molecules that have shown many advantages in regenerative treatments. This study investigated
EMD effect on gingival fi broblast adhesion to different membranes.
Materials and Methods: Two dense polytetrafl uoroethylene membranes (GBR-200, TXT-200),
Alloderm and a collagenous membrane (RTM Collagen) were used in this experimental study. Each
membrane was cut into four pieces and placed at the bottom of a well in a 48-well plate. 10 μg/mL
of EMD was added to two wells of each group.Two wells were left EMD free. Gingival fi broblasts
were seeded to all the wells. Cell adhesion was evaluated by means of a Field Emission Scanning
Electron Microscope after 24 hours incubation. Data was analyzed by independent t-test, one-way
and two-way ANOVA and post hoc LSD test. P < 0.05 in independent t-test analysis and P < 0.001 in
one-way ANOVA, two-way ANOVA and post hoc LSD analysis was considered statistically signifi cant.
Results: Alloderm had the highest cell adhesion capacity in EMD+ group and the difference was
statistically signifi cant (P < 0.001). In EMD- group, cell adhesion to TXT-200 and Alloderm was
signifi cantly higher than GBR-200 and collagenous membrane (P < 0.001).
Conclusion: This study showed that EMD may decrease the cell adhesion effi cacy of GBR-200,
TXT-200 and collagenous membrane but it can promote this effi cacy in Alloderm. It also showed
the composition of biomaterials, their surface textures and internal structures can play an important
role in their cell adhesion effi cacy.
Key Words: Alloderm, cell adhesion, emdogain, guided tissue regeneration,
polytetrafl uroethylene

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