Autogenous wisdom tooth transplantation: A case series with 6-9 months follow-up

Tatjana Nimčenko Nimčenko, Gražvydas Omerca, Ennio Bramanti, Gabriele Cervino, Luigi Laino, Marco Cicciù


Tooth transplantation can be considered a valid and predictable treatment option for rehabilitating young patients with permanent teeth loss. This study presents several cases of successful autogenous tooth transplantation with a 6-9 months follow-up. Tooth auto-transplantation can be considered a reasonable option for replacing missing teeth when a donor tooth is available. The auto-transplantation of a right mandibular third molar with compromised function and esthetics to replace the residual roots resulting from coronal destruction due to extensive carious lesion of the second molar in the same quadrant as shown in the presented cases can result a viable treatment alternative especially in a young patient that cannot undergo dental implant therapy. Transplantation of mature third molar seems to be a promising method for replacing a lost permanent molar tooth and restoring esthetics and function. This clinical procedure showed excellent functional and esthetical long-term results in the analyzed cases.
Key Words: Auto-transplantation, Molar, tooth

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