Extensive Myiasis infestation associated with Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma: Report of two cases

Sudharani Biradar, Pranali Wankhede, Anita Munde, Safia Shaikh


Myiasis is the condition of infestation of the body by fl y larvae (maggots). The deposited eggs

develop into larvae, which penetrate deep structures causing adjacent tissue destruction. It is an

uncommon clinical condition, being more frequent in tropical countries and hot climate regions,

and associated with poor hygiene, suppurative oral lesions, alcoholism and senility. The diagnosis of

Myiasis is basically made by the presence of larvae. The reported cases of oral Myiasis associated

with oral cancer in the literature are few. This paper reports two cases of oral and maxillofacial

Myiasis involving larvae in patients with squamous cell carcinoma in adult males. The condition was

managed by manual removal of the larvae, one by one, with the help of forceps and subsequent

management through proper health care.

Key Words: Larvae, maggots, oral Myiasis, squamous cell carcinoma

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