Interforaminal hemorrhage during anterior mandibular implant placement: An overview

Chandan Kumar Kusum, Pranav V. Mody, Indrajeet Indrajeet, Deviprasad Nooji, Suhas K. Rao, Bhushan Ganesh Wankhade


Implant surgery in mandibular anterior region may turn from an easy minor surgery into a

complicated one for the surgeon, due to inadequate knowledge of the anatomy of the surgical area

and/or ignorance toward the required surgical protocol. Hence, the purpose of this article is to

present an overview on the: (a) Incidence of massive bleeding and its consequences after implant

placement in mandibular anterior region. (b) Its etiology, the precautionary measures to be taken to

avoid such an incidence in clinical practice and management of such a hemorrhage if at all happens.

An inclusion criterion for selection of article was de



Key Words:Clinical protocol, dental implantation, diagnostic imaging, hemorrhage, mandible,safety 


ned, and an electronic Medline search through


different database using different keywords and manual search in journals and books was executed.

Relevant articles were selected based upon inclusion criteria to form the valid protocols for implant

surgery in the anterior mandible. Further, from the selected articles, 21 articles describing case

reports were summarized separately in a table to alert the dental surgeons about the morbidity

they could come across while operating in this region. If all the required adequate measures for

diagnosis and treatment planning are taken and appropriate surgical protocol is followed, mandibular

anterior region is no doubt a preferable area for implant placement.

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