Correlation between cervical vertebral maturation and chronological age in a group of Iranian females

Seyed Mohammadreza Safavi, Hanie Beikaii, Raheleh Hassanizadeh, Farnaz Younessian, Alireza Akbarzadeh Baghban


Background: Correlation between chronological age at different stages of cervical vertebral

maturation (CVM) is important in clinical orthodontic practice. The objective of this study was to

evaluate the correlation between CVM stage and chronological age in a group of Iranian female


Materials and Methods: This study was conducted on 196 digital lateral cephalometry of

female patients with the age ranged 9-14 years. The CVM stage was determined with two

calibrated examiners, using the method developed by Baccetti and its correlation with mean

chronological age was assessed by the Spearman rank-order. The intra and inter-agreements

were evaluated by weighted Kappa statistics in overall diagnosis of stages, in addition to

determination of presence or absent of concavities at the lower border of second, third and

fourth cervical vertebrae and the shapes of the third and fourth vertebrae. P < 0.05 was

considered as signifi cant.

Results: The correlation coeffi cient between CVM stages and chronological age was relatively

low (r = 0.62). The least amount of inter-observer agreement was determined to be at the clinical

decision of the shape of the fourth vertebra.

Conclusion: Regarding the low reported correlation, the concomitant usage of other skeletal

indicators seems necessary for precise determination of physiological age of the patients.

Key Words: Cervical vertebral, chronological age, growth and development, lateral


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