Comparison of microleakage f rom stainless steel crowns margins used with different restorative materials: An in vitro study

Mahtab Memarpour, Reza Derafshi, Mahshid Razavi


Background: Obtaining optimal marginal adaption with prefabricated stainless steel crowns (SSCs)
is diffi cult, especially after removing dental caries or defects in cervical areas. This situation requires
the use of an SSC after tooth reconstruction. This study evaluated microleakage and material loss
with fi ve restorative materials at SSC margins.
Materials and Methods: One hundred and twenty primary molar teeth were randomly divided
into six groups (n = 20). Class V cavities were prepared on the buccal surfaces of the teeth in
groups 1-5. Cavities were restored with amalgam, resin-based composite, glass ionomer (GI), zinc
phosphate, or reinforced zinc oxide eugenol (Zonalin). Group 6 without cavity preparation was
used as a control. Restorations with SSCs were prepared according to standard methods. Then,
SSCs were fi tted so that the crown margins overlaid the restorative materials and cemented with
GI. After thermocycling, the specimens were placed in 0.5% fuchsin and sectioned. The proportions
of mircoleakage and material loss were evaluated with a digital microscope. Statistical analysis was
performed with Kruskal–Wallis and Mann–Whitney tests.
Results: The groups differed signifi cantly (P < 0.001). Amalgam and GI showed the least
microleakage. Amalgam restorations had signifi cantly less microleakage than the other materials
(P < 0.05). Microleakage was greatest with resin-based composite, followed by Zonalin. Material
loss was greater in samples restored with Zonalin and zinc phosphate.
Conclusion: When SSC margins overlaid the restoration materials, cavity restoration with amalgam
or GI before SSC placement led to less microleakage and material loss. Regarding microleakage
and material loss, resin-based composite, zinc phosphate, and Zonalin were not suitable options.

Key Words: Dental restorations, crowns, primary teeth, stainless steel

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