Definitive guiding flange prosthesis: A definitive approach in segmental mandibulectomy defect

Sumanth Babu, Shaurya Manjunath, Mayuri Vajawat


Mandibular discontinuity defects following a segmental mandibulectomy defects present a major
challenge to the rehabilitation team. With no immediate intervention to rehabilitate the patient,
definitive mandibular guidance prostheses with a metal guiding flange and acrylic teeth on the
resected side can be used successfully to stabilize the occlusion and correct the deviation. The
present case report describes the prosthodontic rehabilitation of a patient with a segmental
mandibulectomy using a mandibular prosthesis with a metal guide flange and a maxillary stabilizing
metal framework.
Key Words: Ameloblastoma, case report, segmental mandibulectomy

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