Changing trends in adenomatoid odontogenic tumor: Unravelling the past 15 years

Sneha Sethi, Manish Kumar, Pratul Aggarwal, Indra Kumar H.S, Chetan D Sugandhi, Silvie Singh


Adenomatoid odontogenic tumor (AOT) is an uncommon benign odontogenic lesion, with debatable
histogenesis and variable histopathology. A systematic and diverse insight into the evolution, clinical
presentation, histology, and immunohistochemical findings of this lesion is reviewed and presented.
We reviewed the data published from 2000 to 2014 of approximately 255 cases that revealed a significant change in the incidence of predominant site involved, in contrast to the findings published by Reichart. We have also included the chronological order of events leading to the coining of
the term AOT, which shows the curiosity that has been dedicated to understanding the lesion.
Immunohistochemistry is considered to be a hallmark in pathology for learning the molecular pathogenesis and giving a correct final diagnosis. Several markers have been used to investigate and understand this lesion, and a compilation of the findings has been tabulated.

Key Words: Ameloblastoma, immunohistochemistry, incidence, odontogenesis

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