Correlation coefficients of Three Self-Perceived Orthodontic Treatment Need Indices

Faezeh Eslamipour, Farnaz Tajmir Riahi, Milad Etemadi Sh, Alireza Riahi


Background: To determine patient orthodontic treatment need, appropriate self-perceived
indices are required. The aim of this study was to assess the sensitivity and specifi city of esthetic
component (AC) of the index of orthodontic treatment need (IOTN), oral esthetic subjective
index scale (OASIS), and visual analog scale (VAS) through dental health component (DHC) IOTN
as a normative index to determine the more appropriate self-perceived index among young adults.
Materials and Methods: In this cross-sectional study, a sample of 993 was randomly selected
from freshman students of Isfahan University. Those with a history of orthodontic treatment or
current treatment were excluded. DHC was evaluated by two inter- and intra-calibrated examiners.
Data for AC, OASIS, and VAS were collected through a questionnaire completed by students.
Descriptive statistics, Mann–Whitney U-test, and Spearman correlation test, were used for data
analyses. Sensitivity, specifi city, positive and negative predictive values of self-perceived indices were
calculated through DHC.
Results: Sensitivity of AC, OASIS, and VAS for evaluating defi nite orthodontic treatment need was
calculated at 15.4%, 22.3%, and 44.6%, respectively. Specifi city of these indices for evaluating defi nite
orthodontic treatment need was calculated at 92.7%, 90.5%, and 76.2% percent, respectively. All
self-perceived indices had a signifi cant correlation with together and with DHC (P < 0.01). Among
demographic factors, there was weak but signifi cant correlation only between mother’s educational
level and VAS (P < 0.01).
Conclusion: Due to the sensitivity and specifi city of the three self-perceived indices, these indices
are not recommended for population screening and should be used as adjuncts to a normative
index for decision-making in orthodontic treatment planning.
Key Words:Dental Health Surveys,Index of Orthodontic Treatment Need, Self-Assessment ,sensitivity, specifi city

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