Preferences and choices of a child concerning the environment in a pediatric dental operatory

Trophimus Gnanabagyan Jayakaran, C. Vishnu Rekha, Sankar Annamalai, Parisa Norouzi Baghkomeh, D. Ditto Sharmin


Background: The aim of this cross‑sectional descriptive study was to determine children’spreferences in a dental clinic so as to reduce anxiety during dental procedures. In this study surveymethodology was used.Materials and Methods: A questionnaire was designed to evaluate the child’s preference in adental hospital so as to remove anxiety during a dental procedure. This study was carried out on50 children aged 6–10 years. The children were randomly selected based on their first dental visitin a private dental college.Results: A large number of children preferred listening to rhymes and watching cartoons whileundergoing dental treatment. They also preferred the walls painted with cartoons, the dental chairfull of toys, a scented environment, and the presence of their parents during the treatment.Conclusion: The results of this study will help the dental team decide on the appropriate designof the pediatric dental operatory room in order to provide a comfortable dental environmentwhich will reduce anxiety in children and improve the quality of health care.Key Words: Anxiety, children, dental clinic, music

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