Achondroplasia with multiple supplemental supernumerary teeth and multiple talon cusps: A rare case report

Jayam Raviraj, Venkata Suman, Dirasantchu Suresh, K. Kartik, Venkata Suman, Dirasantchu Suresh, K. Kartik


Achondroplasia is the most common cause of dwarfism, which is inherited as an autosomal dominantdisorder, caused by genetic mutation in fibroblast growth factor 3, leading to defective maturation ofchondrocytes. It is known to be associated with various oral and dental manifestations such as delayeddental development, midfacial hypoplasia and constricted maxilla with a relatively large mandible,resulting in skeletal/dental Class III malocclusion, posterior crossbite, anterior reverse jet and anterioroverbite. However, the association of achondroplasia with talon cusp and supernumerary teeth hasnever been reported in the literature. Wehereby reported a case of achondroplasia associated withsuch unusual findings. Moreover, all the three variants of talon cusp, i.e., “true talon,”“semitalon”and “trace talon” are observed in the present case, which makes it a unique one. Further doubletalon cusps were noticed in the palatal aspect of maxillary central incisors.Key Words: Achondroplasia, dental, dwarfism, supernumerary teeth

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