Analytical methods for the measurement of polymerization kinetics and stresses of dental resin‑based composites: A review

Mehrsima Ghavami-Lahiji, Tabassom Hooshmand


Resin‑based composites are commonly used restorative materials in dentistry. Such tooth‑colored
restorations can adhere to the dental tissues. One drawback is that the polymerization
shrinkage and induced stresses during the curing procedure is an inherent property of resin
composite materials that might impair their performance. This review focuses on the significant
developments of laboratory tools in the measurement of polymerization shrinkage and stresses
of dental resin‑based materials during polymerization. An electronic search of publications from
January 1977 to July 2016 was made using ScienceDirect, PubMed, Medline, and Google Scholar
databases. The search included only English‑language articles. Only studies that performed
laboratory methods to evaluate the amount of the polymerization shrinkage and/or stresses
of dental resin‑based materials during polymerization were selected. The results indicated that
various techniques have been introduced with different mechanical/physical bases. Besides, there
are factors that may contribute the differences between the various methods in measuring the
amount of shrinkages and stresses of resin composites. The search for an ideal and standard
apparatus for measuring shrinkage stress and volumetric polymerization shrinkage of resin‑based
materials in dentistry is still required. Researchers and clinicians must be aware of differences
between analytical methods to make proper interpretation and indications of each technique
relevant to a clinical situation.
Key Words: Analytical procedure, polymerization, resin composite, shrinkage, stress

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