Agenesis of permanent canines: Rare case report

Sumit Kumar Yadav, Achla Bharti Yadav, Neal Bharat Kedia, Abhinav Kumar Singh


Agenesis of permanent canines is a rare condition, and that of both maxillary and mandibular
permanent canines is extremely rare. It may occur either isolated or in association with other dental
anomalies. Reports of such cases are very scarce in the literature. Need for early diagnosis of such
conditions should be emphasized because of functional, esthetic, and psychological problems which
should be evaluated and treated appropriately. The present paper presents a report of bilaterally
missing permanent maxillary and mandibular canines. This case might contribute in the future studies
of incidence of agenesis of permanent canines.
Key Words: Agenesis, canine, incidence, permanen

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