Prevalence of orthodontic treatment need in permanent dentition of Iranian population: A systematic review and meta‑analysis of observational studies

Faezeh Eslamipour, Zohreh Afshari, Arash Najimi


Background: Malocclusion is a common oral health problem and can affect the psychosocial
well‑being in the long term. Therefore, in the recent decades, demand for orthodontic treatment to
correct malocclusion has greatly increased worldwide. This systematic review and meta‑analysis was
undertaken to assess existing evidence on the prevalence of orthodontic treatment need in Iran.
Materials and Methods: National and international databases were searched for articles on the
prevalence of orthodontic treatment need using index of orthodontic treatment need (IOTN) and
dental aesthetic index (DAI). The required data were completed by hand‑searching. After applying
the inclusion and exclusion criteria, the quality of articles was checked by a professional checklist.
Data extraction and meta‑analysis were performed. A random effects model was employed, and
publication bias was checked.
Results: From a total of 443 articles that reported orthodontic treatment need in Iran, 24 articles
were included in the meta‑analysis process. Meta‑analysis was performed on components of IOTN
and DAI. The pooled prevalence of orthodontic treatment need based on Dental Health Component
and Aesthetic Component of IOTN and DAI was 23.8% (19.5%–28.7%), 4.8% (3.3%–7%), and
16.1% (12.3%‑20.8%). The results were found to be heterogeneous (P < 0.05).
Conclusion: The results of this study revealed that orthodontic treatment need was not high in
the Iranian population. Considering the differing prevalence of orthodontic treatment need based
on normative index and self‑perceived index, it is essential to improve the people’s awareness of
malocclusion and its side effects on their oral and general health.
Key Words: Dental aesthetic, index of orthodontic treatment need, Iran, meta‑analysis

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