Granular cell type of ameloblastoma

Gholamreza Jahanshahi, Elham Arzhang, Soheila Derisavy, Laleh Davoodi, Salman Shakeri


Ameloblastoma is a locally invasive tumor derived from odontogenic epithelium. An uncommon
variant of ameloblastoma is granular cell type, which cannot distinguish from other ameloblastoma
subtypes by clinical and radiographic findings alone. Only review of it’s microscopic features allows
distinction from other subtypes. The purpose of this article is to present a case of granular cell
ameloblastoma. This subtype should be distinguished from the other histopathologic subtypes
because of it’s higher recurrence rate and more aggressive biological behavior. Radiographic and
histologic findings as well as treatment are also discussed.
Key Words: Ameloblastoma, jaw neoplasms, lysosome, mandibular disease, odontogenic tumor

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