Comparison of sealing ability of ProRoot mineral trioxide aggregate, biodentine, and ortho mineral trioxide aggregate for canal obturation by the fluid infiltration technique

Seyed Amir Mousavi, Abbasali Khademi, Parisa Soltani, Shirin Shahnaseri, Marzie Poorghorban


Background: Adequate seal of the root canal is necessary to prevent recontamination and ensure
the long‑term clinical success. The aim of this study was to evaluate the sealing ability of ProRoot
mineral trioxide aggregate (MTA), Biodentine, and Ortho MTA as the root canal obturation materials
using the fluid infiltration method.
Materials and Methods: In this invitro study a total of 66 extracted human mandibular
premolars were randomly divided into five groups according to the material used for the root
canal obturation. Group I ‑ ProRoot MTA (20 samples), Group II ‑ Biodentine (20 samples),
Group III ‑ Ortho MTA (20 samples), Group IV ‑ negative group (3 samples), and Group V‑positive
group (3 samples). MTA, Biodentine, and Ortho MTA were applied using a cotton‑tipped K‑file
#30 and hand plugger into the root canals of each group. In Group 4 (negative control), no
filling material was used. In Group 5 (positive control), a single gutta‑percha size #40 was
inserted into the root canal without using a sealer. The teeth were mounted and exposed to
the fluid infiltrarion system. Statistical analysis was performed using Kruskal–Wallis test the level of significance was set at α = 0.05.
Results: Mean values of microleakage in MTA ProRoot, Biodentine and Ortho MTA groups
were 1.83 ± 0.62, 1.95 ± 1.27 and 1.72 ± 0.83 μL in 8 minutes. No statistically significant difference was observed between the sealing ability of ProRoot MTA, Biodentine, and Ortho
MTA (P = 0.091).
Conclusion: Within the limitations of this study, microleakage values were similar to MTA ProRoot,
Biodentine, and Ortho MTA using the fluid infiltration technique.
Key Words: Dental leakage, filtration, mineral trioxide aggregate, root canal filling materials

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