Unusual report of non‑syndromic permanent unilateral mandibular canine agenesis

Carmen García‑Marín, Paula Ferrer, María Victoria Mateos, Nazaret Rodríguez, Encarna de Fernando, José María Marín, Rosa Yanez


Nonsyndromic unilateral permanent canine agenesis, particularly in the lower jaw, is an infrequent
clinical observation that has occasionally been reported in the scientific literature. The main aim of
the present case report and study is to give insights into the clinical features and genetic information
of a nonsyndromic patient affected by unilateral lower canine agenesis and her relatives. A young girl
of 9‑year‑old with a Class II skeletal malocclusion, sella turcica bridging, and severe overjet but no
other dental anomalies is described. No associations were found with other types of dental agenesis
and previously described genetic variations of the CTNNB1 gene. The possibility of a novel genetic
locus should be considered as a possible genetic etiology for this extremely rare condition in a
nonsyndromic patient. Based on scientific literature written in English, the present clinical case is one
of the first reports to describe a nonsyndromic permanent unilateral mandibular canine agenesis.
Key Words: Agenesis, canine, malocclusion, orthodontics

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