Rehabilitations of a single element with one‑piece implants with electrowelded needles: A different approach

Marco Pasqualini, Franco Rossi, Luca Dal Carlo, Giorgio Comola


To ensure single dental implant stability, there are some approaches. The stabilization of a single‑piece
implant by welding it to a titanium needle allows immediate loading and promotes the final
osseointegration. The aim of this case report study was an evaluation of long‑term clinical outcomes
of immediate loading in cases with bone atrophy in the canine region by welding single implant to a
titanium needle. In two cases with maxillary atrophic anterior bone, single‑piece titanium implants
were used. As support structure, a Scialom‑type stabilization titanium needle was used (diameter
1.2 mm and suitable length to obtain a bicortical positioning). These two elements were joined
together using a Mondani intraoral welder. The implants immediately loaded by temporary
restorations. The cases were followed for 24 years, and clinical outcomes were assessed. The use
of this method, in the cases with maxillary atrophic anterior bone, allows immediate loading with
a fixed acrylic prosthesis at the end of the surgical session. Clinical outcome was successful for
24 years. This approach is a successful method that allows immediate loading in atrophic bone.
Key Words: Dental implant loading, immediate, single tooth dental implant

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