A Comparative Study of Frictional Force When Using Stainless Steel Brackets and 0.016 Inch Stainless Steel Wires

Seyed Hamid Raji, Nader Masaeili


The purpose of this investigation was to determine and compare the frictional resistanc produced by stainless steel brackets with 0.018 inch slot of Dentaurum, Ortho Organizers and Unitek companies, used in combination with 0.016 inch stainless steel wires from Dentaurum, Ortho Organizers and Unitek companie during stimulated canine retraction in vitro. A testing apparatus was made to simulate the clinical situation of canine retraction through tipping- uprighting movements. The measurements were made using an Instron Universal Testing Machine and the tests were proceeded under dry con- dition. Statistical analysis showed significant difference of frictional force among different wire compa- nies (PO.O5).

Key words
wire, bracket, frictional force.

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