An innovative technique for the fabrication of fixed removable guide flange prosthesis for lateral mandibular resection

Preethi Kusugal, V. N. Kalaivani, Abhishekha Patil, Sushma Krishnamurthy, Zarir Ruttonji


Rehabilitation of patients with a severe mandibular defect is challenging to prosthodontists. The
esthetic and functional rehabilitation of patients with lateral mandibular resection is difficult due
to the lack of supporting tissues for the prosthesis. The mandibular deviation furthermore results
in facial asymmetry and unstable occlusion. This case report describes an innovative technique to
rehabilitate a patient with lateral mandibular resection using customized access post attachment
system to retain guide flange prosthesis for reducing mandibular deviation.


Hemimandibulectomy, prosthesis, resection

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