Comparison of Disinfectant Efficacy of Micro 10, Sodium Hypochlorite, Betadine and Savlon on the Equipment of Radiology Department,School of Dentistry,Isfahan University of Medical Science

M. Sheikhi, B. Soltani


Background and aim
Cross infection control is a great concern to which great attention should thus be paid. Infection control protocols in dental radiology are employed to reduce the potential for infectious disease transmission. The areas relevant to the exposure and processing of dental radiographs are not routinely associated with the spatter of blood or saliva; however, infectious disease transmission is still possible if we use contaminated equipment, supplies, film pockets or cassettes.This study aims at comparing the disinfectant efficacy of micro 10, sodium hypochlorite, betadine and savlon on the equipment of the radiology department.

Methods and Materials
For each solution, sampling was performed, before disinfection, on 27 sections of the radiology department. Experimental surfaces were then disinfected by the spray-wipe-spray method followed by resembling. The samples were subsequently cultured on bloody agar plates and the colonies were counted.

The results of this research showed that the mean rank of turbidity degrees of culture media are respectively 76.74,68.96,59.48, 68.96 & 65.85 before disinfection with sodium hypochlorite, betadine, savlon, micro 10 and normal saline. They are respectively 60.74, 50.91, 67.06, 49.37 and 111.93 after disinfection.
The results of Kruskal-Wallis test showed that there is a significant difference between the turbidity degrees of culture media after disinfection with the five solutions (Pv<0.001).
Mann–Whitney test also revealed that the efficacy of each of the 4 disinfectant solutions is significantly different from that of the witness solution. (PV<0.001)

Regarding the results of this research, micro 10 has the highest disinfectant efficacy as compared with other solutions. Betadine, sodium hypochlorite and savlon are respectively other high efficacy disinfectants. So, regarding micro10 high efficacy (81.50%), it can be used to establish a disinfected and reliable environment for the radiological personnel & patients with the observance of sufficient contact time and viscosity.

Key words
Disinfectant solutions (micro 10, sodium hypochlorite, savlon, betadine), Infection control, radiological equipment.

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