Biological posts and crown: An esthetic recovery of smile

Shilpi Tiwari, M. S. Adarsha, Ashwini Santosh, Chethana S. Murthy


Anterior teeth fracture is a common form of dental trauma that mainly affects children and
adolescents. Maxillary incisors are the most commonly affected teeth. Loss of coronal tooth
structure might affect esthetics and function. In recent decades, dentistry has shown many scientific
and technological advances in restorative materials. However, no synthetic restorative material
can replicate the natural tooth structure. Hence, the use of natural tooth as a restorative material
has been suggested in literature and is termed as a biological restoration. The present case report
represents the successful use of biological post and crown and was adequate with respect to
adhesion, function, and esthetics with the follow‑up period of 1 year. Hence, it may be concluded
that the biological restoration, if feasible, is a cost‑effective way to restore a damaged tooth with
acceptable esthetics and tooth functions in the stomatognathic system.


Biological, fracture, maxillary central incisors

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