Antibacterial effect of a disinfectant spray for sports mouthguards on Streptococcus sobrinus

Gen Tanabe, Hiroshi Churei, Yasuo Takeuchi, Kairi Hayashi, Aki Kanasaki, Yuriko Yoshida, Jun Toma, Yosiaki Araie, Toshiaki Ueno


Background: Mouthguard (MG) disinfectant sprays are available for maintaining MG hygiene. The
effect of these sprays against Streptococcus sobrinus is still unknown. The purpose of this study was
to evaluate the antibacterial effect of an MG disinfectant spray against S. sobrinus using the modified
ISO 22196 standard.
Materials and Methods: In this in vitro study, we used the following treatment groups for
antibacterial testing: MG spray‑1 (left in spray for 30 s), MG spray‑2 (60 s), and control (n = 4). All
analyses were performed at a statistically significant level (P = 0.05) using JMP® 14.
Results: The log colony‑forming units of the MG spray‑2 group were significantly lower than those
of the other groups. The antibacterial activity of MG spray‑2 against S. sobrinus was >2.1.
Conclusion: We confirmed the antibacterial effect of the MG spray against S. sobrinus, and it was
influenced by the treatment duration, with the optimum effect at a longer duration.
Key Words: Antibacterial agents, mouth protectors, Streptococcus sobrinus

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