Evaluation and comparison number of gingival fibroblast and osteosarcoma cell (MG‑63 cell line) adhesive to mocugraft, alloderm, and collagen membrane with or without advanced platelet‑rich fibrin

Bentol Hoda Reisie, Shirin Zahra Farhad, Shirin Amini Sadeh


Background: The tissue engineering has recently shown a significant progress in the fields of
membranes and biosynthetic materials. Advanced platelet‑rich fibrin (A‑PRF) contains functional
molecules that have newly shown great interest in regenerative therapies. The purpose of this study
was to evaluate the effect of A‑PRF on the adhesion of gingival fibroblast cells and osteosarcoma
cells to different membranes.
Materials and Methods: In this experimental in vitro study, three collagen, alloderm, and mucograft
membranes were studied, which were cut into four 5 mm × 5 mm pieces and placed in the bottom
of a 24‑well culture medium. One milliliter of A‑PRF was added to two wells from each group
and the other two wells remained without A‑PRF. The gingival fibroblasts and osteosarcoma cells
were individually added to each well. The cell adhesion was studied using an electron microscope
after 24 h. The data were analyzed by independent t‑test, one‑way analysis of variance, and least
significant difference test.
Results: In the presence of A‑PRF, there was a significant higher osteoblast adhesion to collagen
membrane compared to alloderm and mucograft membranes (P < 0.001). In the absence of
A‑PRF, adhesion of osteoblasts to collagen membrane was significantly higher than alloderm
and mucograft (P = 0.019). Moreover, in the presence of A‑PRF, fibroblast adhesion to collagen
membrane was significantly higher than alloderm and mucograft membranes (P < 0.001).
Furthermore, in the absence of A‑PRF, no significant difference was found among the study
groups (P = 0.830).
Conclusion: A‑PRF was effective on fibroblast adhesion to the collagen membrane, which is similar
to its absence. A‑PRF was also found to be very effective on the adhesion of fibroblast cells to the
collagen membrane, and in its absence, even less adhesion was observed compared to the other
membranes. The presence or absence of A‑PRF showed no significant differences in both cells’
adhesion for alloderm and mucograft membranes.
Key Words: Advanced platelet‑rich fibrin, alloderm, cell adhesion, collagen membrane, guided
tissue regeneration, mocugraft


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