A rare case of maxillary osteoblastoma in a 10‑month‑old infant

Farnoosh Mohammadi, Samira Derakhshan, Tina Shooshtarizadeh, Shayan Sobhaninejad


Osteoblastoma (OSB) is an uncommon (3% of benign and 1% of all) primary bone neoplasm with
extremely rare occurrence in head and neck, especially the maxillary bone region. OSB of the jaw
mainly involves the mandible bone. We report a 10‑month‑old male who was admitted to the
hospital because of a mass in the right maxillary jaw region. Clinicoradiopathologic features of the
patient have been described. The histological examinations revealed OSB of the maxillary bone.
Total surgical resection of the tumor was performed with 10 months of follow‑up and there is
no evidence of recurrence. To the best of our knowledge, it is the first report of maxillary OSB
in an infant.
Keywords: Bone neoplasm, maxilla, osteoblastoma

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