Cement selection criteria for different types of intracanal posts

Safoura Ghodsi, Mohammad Mostafa Aghamohseni, Sarah Arzani, Sasan Rasaeipour, Mina Shekarian


Background: To consciously select an appropriate dental cement for each type of intracanal post.
Materials and Methods: An electronic search was carried out (1970 to 2020) through Medline,
PubMed, Scopus, and Google Scholar. The following keywords were searched in title, abstract, or
keywords with different combinations: endodontically treated tooth, root canal therapy, dental posts,
post and core, prefabricated posts, custom posts, dental cement, resin cements, cement selection,
cement, and adhesive resin cement.
Results: Evaluating full texts, 146 articles were selected to review the types of posts and cements,
selection criteria of appropriate cement for each type of post, and compare the results obtained
by different cements.
Conclusion: Dental cements affect the survival rate, durability, and success rate of postbased
treatments. Considering special characteristics and application of each type of intracanal post,
conscious selection of cement is an important determining factor in long‑lasting success.
Choosing an appropriate cement has a key role in success and durability
of dowel posts‑based fixed restorations.
Key Words: Dental cement, glass ionomer cements, post‑core technics, zinc phosphate
cement, resin cement

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