Effect of CPP‑ACPF, resin infiltration, and colloidal silica infiltration on surface microhardness of artificial white spot lesions in primary teeth: An in vitro study

Aranta Avinash Chindane, Anil T. Patil, B. Sandhyarani


Background: Remineralizing agents such as fluoride and casein phosphopeptide‑amorphous
calcium phosphate (CPP‑ACP) are popular treatment choices for incipient enamel lesions. Recently
introduced resin infiltration enhances the esthetics of teeth affected by these enamel lesions.
Furthermore, few studies reported the utilization of colloidal silica infiltration for the white spot
lesions. However, the potency of these materials for treatment in primary teeth necessitates
Thus, this study evaluated and compared the effectiveness of CPP‑ACP fluoride (CPP‑ACPF), resin
infiltration, and colloidal silica infiltration on surface microhardness in artificial white spot lesions
in primary incisors using the Vickers microhardness testing machine.
Materials and Methods: In this in vitro study, on the labial surface of 45 primary incisors, artificial
white spot lesions were created by immersing them in a demineralizing solution. According to
the evaluation method, random distribution of specimens into three groups: Group 1: CPP‑ACPF,
Group 2: resin infiltration, and Group 3: colloidal silica infiltration. Specimens after treatment
were stored in artificial saliva, followed by microhardness evaluation using Vickers microhardness.
Microhardness readings at baseline, post demineralization, and after treating them with different
materials were taken. The level of significance was 0.01.
Results: Enamel specimens treated with resin infiltration showed a high microhardness mean value
compared to CPP‑ACPF and colloidal silica infiltration.
Conclusion: Resin infiltration is a promising and effective treatment option for incipient enamel
lesions followed by CPP‑ACPF compared to colloidal silica infiltration in primary teeth.
Key Words: Demineralization, dental white spots, icon, infiltration, primary teeth

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