Redefining aerosol in dentistry during COVID‑19 pandemic

Kanupriya Rathore, Harshvardhan Singh Rathore, Pranshu Singh, Pravin Kumar


The corona virus malady 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic has rekindled the well established argument
regarding the role of dental aerosol in transference of severe acute respiratory syndrome corona
virus 2 (SARS-CoV-2). Aerosols and droplets are generated amid innumerable dental procedures.
With the commencement of the COVID‑19 pandemic droplet, a review of the infection/disease
control strategies for aerosols is required. We do not know where this pandemic is directed. We
do not have conclusive evidence for an optimal management strategy. Every day brings in varying
information, so recognizing the hazard created by aerosols will help diminish the probability of
infection transfer at the time of dental procedures. Hence, the author assessed the evidence‑based
medical and dental literature in relation to “aerosol’ that documented the source of transmission
of aerosol through various potential routes, addressed the risk potential to patients and the dental
team, and assessed the additional measures that might minimize the viral transmission if regularly
adopted. In this article, the author evaluated and compiled dental guidelines by various countries
and various health‑care associations in context to aerosol‑generating procedures and has made
recommendations for the restriction of dental aerosols and splatter in routine dental practice.
Key Words: Aerosols, COVID‑19 virus, dentistry, severe acute respiratory syndrome

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