Resin‑bonded bridge as a simplified approach to restore missing teeth in esthetic zone by conventional and digital techniques

Manu Rathee, Maqbul Alam, S Divakar, Sanju Malik


One of the most challenging esthetic concerns in dentistry is conservative replacement of the
missing anterior teeth. Although implants are considered to be a better treatment option for
rehabilitation of such patients, resin‑bonded bridges (RBBs) can conservatively restore the missing
teeth and have thus gained popularity over the years. It consists of an artificial tooth with a wing‑like
extension that is cemented to the adjacent teeth. There are various types of RBBs among which
Maryland bridge is the simplest and the popular most due to its micromechanical retention enabled
by acid etching of both tooth and metal retainer. It can be fabricated by various techniques and
materials. In this case reports, we have discussed about two unique designs of Maryland bridge
fabricated by two different materials (Porcelain‑fused metal and Graphene) and utilizing two different
techniques (conventional and digital).
Key Words: Computer‑Aided Designing and Computer‑Aided Manufacturing, Graphene,
Maryland bridge, Resin cements, Resin‑bonded bridge

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