Nevus of Ota with Buccal Mucosal Pigmentation: A Rare Case

Shishir Ram Shetty, Subhas Babu G, Kumuda Arvind Rao, Renita Castellino


Nevus of Ota is a condition wherein the typical pattern of the bluish black pigmentation is noticed along with the cutaneous distribution of the trigeminal nerve. This condition is most prevalent in Japanese population but comparatively rare among Indians. We report a case of 23-year-old female presented with unilateral pigmented areas over the skin of forehead, malar area, ear and periorbital area. Blackish-blue pigmented areas were also noticed on the sclera. Brownish-black diffuse pigmented areas were also noticed on the buccal mucosa of the same side. The presence of pigmentation on the skin over pinna and oral pigmentation made our case a rare incidence. Oral pigmentations associated with nevus of Ota especially on the buccal mucosa have rarely been reported in the past.

Keywords: Nevus of ota, oculodermal melanocytosis, oral pigmentation, buccal mucosa.


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