Radicular Cyst Associated with Deciduous Molar Following Pulp Therapy: A Case Report

Indumathi Elango, Devinder Kaur Baweja, Hina Noorani, Shivaprakash PK


Radicular cysts are considered rare in the primary dentition, comprising only 0.5-3.3% of the total number of radicular cysts in both primary and permanent dentitions. The aim of this case report is to present the clinical, radiographic and histological characteristics of radicular cyst associated with first primary molar following formocresol pulpotomy. Extraction and enucleation of the cyst was carried out under local anesthesia after elevation of the mucoperiosteal flap, which led to uneventful healing and the space of the missing primary molar was maintained using a band and loop space maintainer. The relationship between the intracanal medicaments used for pulp therapy and the rapid growth of these cysts that had been enumerated in the literature was noticed in this case. This does not imply that prohibition of medicaments for pulp treatment of primary teeth is necessary, but pulpotomy treated primary molars should receive periodic postoperative radiographic examination and absence of clinical symptoms does not mean that a pulpotomy treated tooth is healthy.

Keywords: Periodontal cyst, primary teeth, pulpotomy, radicular cyst

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